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Wrap Repair Tape

A quick and effective way to repair, encapsulate or strengthen Pipes & Hoses.

Wrap Repair Tape has been developed as a simple, user friendly method of repairing leaks and breaks in pipes, hoses and tubes. It can also be utilised for other applications like corrosion protection, encapsulation, insulation and strengthening.

Kit Contents:

• Water activated fibreglass tape
• Protective gloves
• Epoxy putty
• Instructions

Wrap Repair Tape ensures a strong, economical and long term fix to the problem of a leaking pipe.

It can be applied to virtually any kind of pipe and is an alternative to traditional methods such as cementing,
sleeving, welding and even replacement. It is ideal for all kinds of fluid/gas bearing pipes & hoses and can even be used for asbestos containment.

The applications are endless and it takes as little as 30 minutes to effect a repair.

Wrap Repair Tape can be used in a wide range of applications and fields. It has the versatility to be used on sensitive repairs like potable water lines whilst at the same time having the strength to be used on petroleum and chemical apllications. Repairs can be made both above and underground: the tape also works under water (fresh or saltwater). Even if the pipe to be repairs is wet or corroded, Wrap Repair Tape can be applied without problems.

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